Intelligent Load Bank

  • Connect Screen Connect to 50 Load banks quickly.
  • Group - KW Setting Set target for each group based on MAX KW in group mode
  • Group-Custom Create custom group to share loads across
  • Group-Max Power Set limits to each group to ensure safe operation
  • Group-Target Automatically spread load across group
  • Group-Voltage De-rate De rating voltage can fine tune steps
  • Hardware Run interface on tablet or windows PC, wired or wireless enabled
  • Master Load Queue buttons to individual load banks
  • Nicknames Create nicknames for each loadbank
  • Script - Duration Set duration for each step down to 1 second
  • Connect Screen
  • Group - KW Setting
  • Group-Custom
  • Group-Max Power
  • Group-Target
  • Group-Voltage De-rate
  • Hardware
  • Master Load
  • Nicknames
  • Script - Duration

RxMS News


  • Key Features
Some of the key features:
Software runs on any windows 7/10 PC as well as tablets
Up to 250 units in a Ethernet string
Power Meter Integration (Cx Monitor & Cx Monitor+)
Switch timings within 100mSec
Voltage compensation based on power system levels
Virtual groups within strings with different max power settings
Automatic scripts with Run / Rewind / Restart
Remote update of firmware